The Pump Centre can offer a wide range of independent technical services for its members and non-members.

​Our key expertise is consultancy associated with pumps, systems and associated plant & equipment. The majority of our work is focused on the Water Industry.  The Pump Centre is able to draw on experienced industry experts from many different technical fields and can provide practical solutions to difficult problems.

Pumping System Design Reviews​​​​

We have the expertise, technical guides and software tools available to undertake pumping system design reviews. Projects can involve visits to site, inspection and on-site measurement, collating background data, discussions with operators and site personnel, report preparation and presentation of results.
Reviews are undertaken for many reasons including to: 
  • assess the general condition of the pumping station and its equipment.
  • understand how proposed changes may affect performance.
  • offer support to capital projects 

​Pumping System Energy Audits

​The energy cost associated with pumping is a major operating expenditure for any company with a reasonably sized pump population. We have undertaken numerous audits for companies wishing to reduce their electricity costs and minimise their carbon footprint. To maximise savings we take a holistic approach and look at how the pump and system interact. Based on our analysis and experience we are able to benchmark performance and identify the type and magnitude of energy losses. 
Audits can be undertaken:​​
  • on individual pumping stations or on large pump populations.
  • independently, or with assistance from clients.
  • to look at energy savings in other equipment. 

Pump and System Troubleshooting

Our consultants offer help and advice on a variety of pumping issues. They help clients to quickly find practical solutions to persistent and recurring problems.  The specific areas of technical expertise include: pump selection, system design, performance issues, witness testing, equipment specifications, material degradation and failure analysis. All our advice is confidential and independent. 

Forensic Engineering 

Via our contacts we can offer a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to analyse equipment, structural and component failures for organisations across many industries.  Using sophisticated testing methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment we identify what happened and why, what was responsible, and whether there were mitigating factors. We then work with our clients to make sure it doesn’t happen again
For more details about our consultancy services, please contact Jim Eaves on 07968 707753 or email​.