Main Technical Conference Agenda

09:45 hrs ​Welcome and Introduction

Pump Centre Chairman & Manager

​Session 1

Chaired by Bob Went
(Pump Centre Chairman)​

10:00 hrs
Digital disruption in the pump industry: Why the supply chain needs to digitalise and how that will create more value for customers and end users
Grundfos has studied the impact digital disruption could have on our industry and company, we learned not only about the relevant threats, but also about new possibilities and business opportunities. Topics such as predictive maintenance, big data, cloud-based technology, ‘smart’ networks, analytics and automation all become more readily available as digitalisation takes hold of the industry as a whole.  We must look beyond just the pump to stay in the game. This presentation looks at digitalisation in the industry to date and where this may lead to in the future, including the numerous potential benefits for our customers and end-users.
MC1 - Paper - Grundfos - Digitalisation paper Mk2.pdf


Andrew Ball
10:30 hrs
Sewer Pipes that Think: Using machine learning and dynamic control to reduce combined sewer overflows in South Bend, Indiana
Technological advances in machine learning, dynamic control, and cloud computing has allowed utilities to optimize the operation of their sewer systems. This presentation will talk about how the City of South Bend, Indiana utilizes machine learning and dynamic control optimization to manage its sewer and storm water systems and improve the water quality of the Saint Joseph River.

Ruth Clarke
(Xylem Water Solutions)
11:00 hrs
Comfort Break

​Session 2
Chaired by Dennis Goodlad
11:15 hrs
Applying Industry 4.0 technology to existing assets to achieve 21st century performance.
The paper will explore how the availability of innovative sensor technologies, allied with traditional pump theory and state of the art data analytics has transformed the business case for system optimisation, condition monitoring and preventative maintenance. We will set out a compelling case for applying this technology to the huge installed base of pump systems in the UK.
MC3 - PAPER - Boulting - Applying Industry 4.0 to existing assets to achive 21st century performance.pdf

Nick Boughton & Brian Conway
(Boulting Technology)
11:45 hrs
Conference Debate
Opportunities and challenges to implementing TOTEX in the Water Industry
Chaired by Bob Went

Debate Panel: Guy Hitchins (Severn Trent Water), Phil Westerman (CSD Sealing Systems) and Stuart Wallis (SPP Pumps).
12:30 hrs
Lunch (Main Exhibition Hall)

​Session 3
Chaired by Kevin Gaunt
14:00 hrs
How digital powertrains improve condition monitoring to accelerate efficiency, predictability and safety
Condition monitoring for powertrains helps optimise performance and efficiency of rotating equipment. ABB will explore the technology and associated challenges that allow full transparency across the mechanical and electrical components of the drivetrain: variable speed drives (VSDs), motors, bearings and pumps. Customers can take actions that lead to less unplanned downtime, extended equipment lifetime, lower costs, safer operations and increased profitability.
MC4 - Paper 1 - ABB - WES Final How DPTs improve condition monitoring to accelerate efficiency predictability and safety.pdf

Steve Hughes 
(ABB Ltd)
14:30 hrs
Smart ICA’ - EICA Standards Development within Severn Trent Water - 2019 Update
Severn Trent Water has made significant steps forward in its approach to deploying ‘Smart ICA’.
The session will present the innovative approaches to EICA that have been deployed over the last two years that have significantly reduced the capital cost to deploy, while enabling vast improvements in ODI performance. Case studies will show the benefits of Severn Trent’s new template designs for DG2, DG3 Boosters and Sewage Pumping Stations, and how this enables Severn Trent’s future IoT / IR4 aspirations while remaining compliant with the Network and Information Systems Directive.
MC5 - Paper - Severn Trent Water - Smart EICA. 2019 V2 Public Share.pdf

Mike Booth & Siobhan Millen
(Severn Trent Water)

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