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Call for Papers - WES2020

Dear Pump Centre Member,

If you wish to present at the Water Equipment Show at Telford in May 2020 - Please complete and return the application form to . To be considered you must respond by Friday 13th December 2020.

For details about the theme see the information below.


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Theme and Background Information

The annual Pump Centre Conference & Exhibition is being held on Thursday, 14th May 2020 at the International Centre, Telford. This is a call for presentations for both the Main Conference and Breakout Sessions. Please note to participate a presenter from your company will need to be available to attend the conference on Thursday 14th May 2020.
A) Main Conference: Innovative approaches to reducing Water Industry CAPEX and OPEX  
We are looking for five 30 minute presentations on the main conference theme of “Innovative approaches to reducing Water Industry CAPEX and OPEX”. Alongside the presentation we require an 800+ word paper for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings.
The Theme
The Ofwat AMP7 determination has set significant cost reduction targets for all water companies with TOTEX challenges, in some cases, of between 15% and 20%. Environmental challenges and the increased focus on customer service standards will add focus to CAPEX and OPEX reduction measures which will be at the forefront of the water companies minds during the AMP7 period.
Opportunities to reduce costs are many and varied and the success of their application will depend upon the products, technologies and systems used. The water companies will be looking ever more to their supply chain to come up with innovative products and services that drive down OPEX and CAPEX with a lower carbon footprint. This will create challenges across the supply chain to come up with innovative solutions, possibly involving combinations of products, systems and resources, to lower CAPEX and OPEX.
This conference will address the challenges of reducing CAPEX and OPEX in the water industry by reviewing innovative approaches that can deliver cost reductions in practice. Innovative approaches to achieving real cost savings using ground-breaking product design, systems integration, maintenance methodologies, best practices, project delivery mechanisms and more will be explored.
Presentation topics could include:
• Smart products with integrated intelligence that optimise operation at lowest cost, examples of installations that have delivered significant savings together with supporting data
• Innovative maintenance approaches and methodologies to reduce whole life costs, support tools and software and decision support systems to determine whether to replace or repair. Predictive maintenance techniques that have reduced costs.
• Intelligent Asset Strategies, aligning asset performance to business objectives, best practice approaches to asset maintenance, CAPEX and OPEX project delivery processes that meet time, quality and cost targets at minimum whole life cost
• Control systems – automatic control and optimisation systems that have delivered reductions in cost, network wide control systems that have increased levels of service and reliability thereby reducing costs
• Projects – Design, Planning and Construction – getting the scope right, designing to satisfy fit for purpose requirements, innovative approaches to project management techniques that deliver least whole life cost savings
• Procurement best practices and pioneering approaches to complex supply packages, spending based initiatives, partnering and framework agreements, contract management and supplier relationship management programs
• Operational initiatives – Strategic initiatives to manage OPEX, goal definition and planning, establishing and getting buy-in to focussed KPI’s, data driven operational resources deployment systems 
• Joint initiatives – Customer/Supplier partnerships that have adopted innovative joint working approaches to CAPEX and OPEX reduction projects
B) Breakout Sessions
We are also looking for up to sixteen 25 minute breakout presentations based on Water Industry technology & engineering topics. The presentations must have a technical focus and not be product focused or sales related.  Presentation topics can be based on any relevant technical discipline e.g. mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or ICA (instrumentation, control & automation).   Presentations can be project case studies, examples of problem solving/troubleshooting applications and talks that raise general awareness and highlight new technology & innovation.
We are planning to run 4 themed breakout rooms
• Room A - Pumps & Pumping
• Room B - Water & Wastewater
• Room C - Maintenance
• Room D - Motors, instrumentation & Controls.
Please note: For both the Main Conference and the Breakout Sessions joint presentations that involve both end-users and manufacturers/suppliers will be given priority.
If you are interested in participating, please complete the attached form and return it to me as soon as possible, but at the latest by Friday 13th December 2019. If there are more requests than available presentation slots, a technical committee made up of Pump Centre Technical Consultants will decide on the final conference programme. Please note that the committee will make their decision based on the information provided on the form so please make it as descriptive and comprehensive as possible. The programme will be finalised and announced at the end of December 2019 and more details will then be circulated to the chosen presenters.

Please note the submission timetable is as follows:

1. 16th March 2020 – deadline for receipt of first drafts of papers & presentations.
2. 16th to 30th March 2020 – Pump Centre review submissions & confirm if amends needed.
3. 14th April 2020 – deadline for final versions.
4. 15th April 2020 – Pump Centre to confirm receipt & acceptance.
5. 16th April 2020 – Pump Centre to upload presentations and papers to website.