Training Sessions - in Rooms A & D 

Training Session 1

15:00 - 15:25

Room A

A Guide to Alternative Motor Technology
Martin Richardson - Water Framework Manager - ABB
This presentation is designed to help you understand the advantages and benefits that 'alternative' motor technology can give you over the traditional induction motor. Many pump designers and manufacturers are exploring the use of different motor technologies and this presentation will highlight some of the main items that need to be considered when alternative motor technology is considered, suggested, or offered.

Martin Richardson is the Water Framework Manager for ABB Drives for the North of the UK. He has been working exclusively for the water industry for the last 4 years in this role and has worked for ABB Drives supporting the water industry for over 12 years in one capacity or another. Martin enjoys finding solutions to awkward challenges and is always keen to learn and explore new ways of doing things to help reduce energy consumption and optimise process efficiency. 

Training Session 2

15:00 - 15:25

Room D

Operational Reliability of Centrifugal Pumps
Dennis Goodlad - Pump Centre Consultant - Mechanical ​​

This presentation looks at some of the background reasons why centrifugal pumps fail prematurely. This breakout session will provide a basic understanding of pump failure modes which will help pump Operators and Pumping System Designers enhance the long-term reliability of their assets.

The presenter is Dennis Goodlad, Principal Consultant at The Pump Centre. Dennis has extensive experience with pump reliability issues having spent most of his career in the Water Industry. He has previously worked for Water Companies, Contractors, Manufacturers and Consultants. As well as providing Technical Consultancy services, he delivers many of the Pump Centre training courses on Pumps, Pumping Systems, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment.

Training Session 3

15:30 - 15:55

Room D

The Cost and Implications of not looking a​fter your Inlet Works
​Kevin Gaunt - Pump Centre Consultant - Mechanical

The Pump Centre's Water Industry Maintenance Working Group (WIMWG) has delivered a project to improve understanding of the cost and implications of failing to adequately maintain and operate Inlet Works equipment.  This presentation summarises the project which provide an industry-wide view of the current issues.​

Kevin is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IMechE. He started his career designing rotating machinery and then spent 25 years working for Severn Trent Water undertaking both Engineering and Operational roles. Initially he was responsible for the design and delivery of capital projects for both clean and waste water and subsequently managed teams delivering such projects. He also has considerable experience in developing Engineering Standards for mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. Kevin now works for the Pump Centre as a Consultant.

Training Session 4

15:30 - 15:55

Room A

Pumping in Reverse - Micro-Generation 
Geof Brown - Pump Centre Consultant - Electrical

Many householders and businesses actively connect solar panels to reduce their electricity bills but how many sites are available with water power?  In the 18th and 19th centuries water provided a huge proportion of the motive power used and currently many sites are being ignored.  This presentation demonstrates the simple, standard, commercially available components to exploit this opportunity.

Geof Brown has a wide experience of applying electric motors and drives to pumps.  Before retirement, he was Drives Product Manager with ABB, and a member of the Drives Technical Committee at the UK trade organisation GAMBICA, who have produced a range of advisory booklets on various aspects of Drives. In addition he represented the drives industry with the BPMA, who have produced the definitive guide to variable speed pumping. Subsequently he was a consultant with ABB looking specifically into generation from renewables. He also provides Pump Centre training on the subject of motors and drives.​

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