Water Industry Miscellaneous
- Technical Breakout Room D

Session M

11:00 - 11:25

Exploiting innovative technologies to meet the challenges of AMP7.
Lorenzo Pompa & Cliff Marriner - Anglian Water

The presentation will talk about recent investments Anglian Water has made into their infrastructure. It will cover why we have made this investment and what exploitation activities are undergoing to best understand and use the data to increase our efficiency as well as improve our customer experience.


Session N

12:00 - 12:25

Applying actual world cyber-physical Industry 4.0 digitization of production technology, big data and the Internet of Things to realise cloud based data collection and monitoring of critical assets in the Water Industry.
Paul Stansfield - ifm electronic ltd

The presentation will explore how successfully applied innovative sensor technology and data analytics have achieved insights into Condition Based Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance within the Water Industry.
This approach can be successfully implemented at large water treatment plants, or unmanned and remote pumping stations as we marry the capture of full sensor data, analytics, alarms and trending software to allow each site to run as efficiently as possible.

Session O

13:30 - 13:55

Pump Centre - Project of the Year 2019.
Smart Pumping Control and Data on Sewage Pumping Stations
Project Team: Lorenzo Pompa (Anglian Water), Matt Westgate (Vega Controls), Andy Smith (Sulzer) and Dan Banks (ABB)

To meet the challenges of AMP6 and get ready for those of AMP7, we’ve embarked on a multi-million pound digital transformation programme to optimise our water recycling networks. This includes the deployment of smart instrumentation and enhanced automation & control capabilities which will reduce operational expenditure, improve customer service and enhance resilience. Whilst there were existing technologies available we found that many had installation limitations when deploying on existing operational assets.
In light of this, we challenged our suppliers with providing an affordable smart solution which could be deployed and retrospectively installed across a wide range of sewage pumping station types and sizes. The objectives were to highlight and take appropriate remedial action on assets performing outside of their design before they failed impacting customers or the environmental thereby reducing the reliance on manual interventions. We concluded the minimum requirements were flow measurements and enhanced control functionality in addition to the existing installed assets, monitoring and control systems.
In conjunction with three suppliers a solution was developed such that we were able to measure flow via level and pressure change with the improved data able to give us a measurement of pump performance.


Session P

14:30 - 14:55

Flood Defence without compromising Ecology.
Martin Van Neiuwenhuyzen - Aquatic Control Engineering

Ecologists and flood defence specialists priorities are often conflicting when planning proactive flood prevention projects. Assets designed to protect properties, infrastructure and agriculture often negtively impact on local ecology.​
Examples of this are non-return valves impeding fish passage and pumping stations which kill fish. These assets are vital to protecting communities from flooding. New technologies in fish friendly pumping solutions, fish passable non-return valves and technical fish and eel passes are ensuring we protect our communities from flooding, whilst maintaining good ecological status on our watercourses.

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